Central American Food Security

Photo: Alex Morse / Growing Hope Globally

In many rural parts of Central America, leaving home is one of the only ways to get out of poverty. People often move to larger towns, far off cities or even other countries to make a living.

Migrating shouldn't be the only way to prosper. That's why we're teaming up with communities in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua to help families thrive where they are.

Often, the key is diversity. The more ways a family has to feed themselves and make a living, the more likely they are to weather a bad harvest or a tough season.

With that goal in mind, we’re helping families improve their harvests, sell their crops and find other ways to earn a living. And as the threat of climate change looms, we help protect and conserve resources. Our programs focus on bringing people together to share their expertise and navigate new challenges.

And after all, isn’t that what it means to be a good neighbor?