Sustainable and safe water. It makes a world of difference.

Water – safe and accessible – is at the very heart of a community's ability to thrive. Without the precious resource crops wilt, animals die, people suffer and diseases spread. Still, some 783 million people throughout the world have little or no access to clean water and nearly 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation.

Against those odds, CWS joins communities to help build and maintain a variety of water systems – from sand dams to wells to reservoirs – that draw upon rainwater or underground sources.

Food security and nutrition improve when clean, stable water sources help diversify crops. Health improves because clean water means less disease. Displacement decreases as people no longer have to abandon their communities because of the lack of drinking water. And ultimately, standards of living rise because people spend less time searching for water and more time on other activities, such as getting an education or earning a living.