Long-term Recovery

Long-term recovery

Whether along the shores of New Jersey or in the capital of Haiti, a disaster does not go away once attention turns elsewhere. In fact, for many the struggle to recover from a disaster can take months, even years.

That is why CWS ardently promotes the local long-term recovery effort in communities affected by disaster. CWS disaster response partners, such as denominational and secular relief agencies, bring together faith-based and secular groups to work together following a disaster.

In the U.S., local community-based long-term recovery groups work to identify cases of need following a disaster and help each client recover. Outside the U.S., CWS often works with partners to rebuild housing, implements food security projects so that communities have enough to eat and works with groups to protect children and other vulnerable people.

Recent Highlight

Haiti and Dominican Republic

Our Latin America and the Caribbean team’s largest programs are in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In Haiti, CWS continues to work with families who settled in spontaneous camps after the 2010 earthquake to rebuild their homes. A total of 279 house have been rebuilt through the program, including 57 this year. Agronomists on staff with our implementing partner Servicio Social de Iglesias Dominicanas provide technical assistance to farmers, who also receive seeds and animals including goats, cows and sheep to increase their agricultural production.

In Haiti’s Northwest department – which is the nation’s most food insecure district – CWS and implementing partner Sant Kretyen pou Devlopman Entegre support community cooperatives and associations. Members have access to microcredit and gain knowledge through training sessions about financial management and bookkeeping, elaboration of cooperative development plans and children’s rights.

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Photo: Aaron Tate/CWS