Immediate Response

Helping communities recover

Both internationally and in the U.S., CWS focuses particular attention on reaching the most vulnerable disaster survivors, including those with the fewest means and those with language, age, disability and other access issues – in short, those having the hardest time recovering.

After a disaster, we quickly make contact with affected communities to offer CWS Kits, Emergency Cleanup Buckets and Blankets. In the U.S., we make ourselves available immediately with emergency grants for recovery groups, provide mentoring and inform communities of our multi-faceted training program, including on-site and webinar-based instruction. We also offer start-up and sustainability grants to local long-term recovery groups.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone - regardless of economic or social status - has a chance to recover.

Cash for Work

With the unprecedented succession of extreme weather events such as drought that have caused immense economic disruption and significant human misery; CWS and its partners under the Act Alliance -Kenya forum have made it possible to employ cash based approaches to respond to the Kenya’s drought situation; a national disaster, where 2.7 million were at risk of hunger and starvation. Through mobile money transfers, targeted households in Baringo, Tana River and West Pokot counties were able to receive money for each day’s work, and this money helped ensure that they can buy food and other essential supplies needed to get them through the drought period. Access the Cash for Work manual here.

Hurricane Relief in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico

In the fall of 2017, CWS responded when three major hurricanes struck the U.S., providing supplies and support to affected communities. More than 100,000 CWS Hygiene Kits and Emergency Cleanup Buckets were mobilized, providing critical supplies for families who were re-entering their homes.

For our most recent update, view our January - June 2019 Report

Partnerships in Response to Emergencies

Our team works in partnership with communities and fellow ACT Alliance members to mitigate the effects of natural disasters and other emergencies.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean and United States, we provided over 46,000 CWS Kits and Blankets to aid in recovery. Working through local partners in Haiti, CWS supported community cooperatives through seed distribution and repaired or rebuilt damaged houses. In Kenya, our team responded to drought through emergency water supplies, desilting and cash-for-work. Monsoon flooding in Myanmar affected or displaced families, and CWS responded by supplying rice in 26 villages. Fourteen of those villages were part of CWS community development programs; our direct response usually focuses on places where our teams are active and knowledgeable about the local context.

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Photo: Chukwudi Ozo-Onyali