U.S. Refugee Protection and Resettlement

Photo: Shane Nelson Photo

Around the world violence, conflict and persecution force families to flee their homes in search of safety. With an estimated 25 million refugees in the world, this crisis demands compassionate and strategic action. Through both direct service and advocacy, CWS stands up for those who simply want a safe place to call home.

The U.S. refugee resettlement program was built by people of faith across the nation who believe in welcoming the stranger. Yet in recent years this life-saving program has been slashed by more than 80%, separating families and breaking promises to countless vulnerable refugee families and host communities. Less than 1% of those in need of resettlement will ever find that protection in a safe third country.

CWS advocates for policies to reunite separated families and help refugee families rebuild their lives in safety. As the number of refugees resettled to the United States dwindles, we work to lift the voices of people of faith, refugee leaders and communities to defend America’s longstanding tradition of protecting the persecuted.