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Beat the drum and speak out against Gender-Based Violence


Gender-Based Violence

Violence and other forms of harm that are rooted in gender discrimination and inequities. Also known as Violence Against Women.

We are equipping girls and women with the tools to speak up, lead their communities and break the silence against GBV.

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is a serious issue in many places around the world. But its eradication is particularly challenging among Kenya’s livestock farming communities. A 2012 survey found that 90 percent of female respondents reported that they had experienced GBV by way of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) compared to the global average of 33 percent of women experiencing GBV.

For more than a decade, Church World Service has worked in support of the economic empowerment of women alongside Kenya's West Pokot community. We have seen firsthand that empowering women with greater leadership roles in the community earns respect from men and expands opportunities. Access to socio-economic power is essential in addressing the underlying causes and eliciting the solutions for preventing GBV.

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Three Main Actions


Reinforce the laws protecting women from violence.


Give women and girls a platform to use their voice.


Help women take up leadership positions in their communities.

Our goal is to raise $20,000.


We need support for programs, tools and skills development in the following ways:

GBV advocacy and policy forums which bring together the community, government and local organizations to educate and discuss laws and best practices around gender-based violence.

Vocational skills development, which is critical to helping women and girls lift themselves and their families out of poverty. This includes, but is not limited to, trainings and workshops, tools and resources, coaching and mentoring.

Crowdmapping, used to electronically trace roads in remote towns and villages, as well as adding information such as names of schools, locations of medical clinics and shops, to produce navigable maps for community members. This also helps paint the picture of the prevalence of GBV, allowing rescuers to get help to women and girls at risk and provide them with access to much needed resources.

Community informational buses which travel from one village or school to another to gather women and girls, provide coaching sessions, offer psycho-social support and - most importantly - educate them on their rights.

YOU can help women and girls in Kenya!


Fuel for our community informational bus for one day


Smartphone training for one girl to access information on staying safe


Entrepreneurship training for one woman for one year


Women's 1-month peer education group on preventing and reporting GBV


Sanitary pads to keep 90 girls in school, for one year


School training on preventing gender-based violence, for one year


Purchase of a laptop for one of our informational buses


Three months of organized forums for community members to discuss new ways of addressing GBV

Stay Informed

We have gathered many firsthand 'stories of change', to share how lives are being transformed.
Girls in West Pokot, Kenya

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A new dormitory provides safe have for school girls in West Pokot, Kenya.

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For Cheptakar Merkamar, education has been little more than a dream.

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Leading by Example

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