Celebrate Mandela Day: Engage with the World

Angela Rupchock-Schafer | July 13, 2013

Members of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church in Dallas May 26 assembled 200 CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets. Photo: Mindy Baxter

Members of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church in Dallas May 26 assembled 200 CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets. Photo: Mindy Baxter

The call to action is simple and compelling:

“Whether as an individual, community, business, non-governmental organization (NGO) or a government department, all you have to do on July 18 is donate 67 minutes of your day to doing something good in any way you can. Nelson Mandela gave 67 years of his life to the struggle for social justice. Can you spare 67 minutes of yours to support a charity or serve your local community?” – www.mandeladay.com

Next week CWS is proud to be part of the global movement that is Mandela Day. As the world watches and prays for Nelson Mandela’s recovery, we can continue to celebrate his amazing legacy for social justice. Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. Next Thursday, let’s join hands with brothers and sisters worldwide and give 67 minutes of our day in service.

I plan on our family spending those 67 minutes doing something together… but what exactly? I’m not even sure yet so I thought it’d be helpful to share some ideas to help get some creative energy flowing for everyone else. While the thought of spending time together doing service is a wonderful one, coming up with something to actually do is another thing entirely.

Here are five simple ideas:

  1. Help in the resettlement process for a refugee family. Refugees coming to new lives need supplies, English tutoring, mentoring and much more. So many ways to volunteer! Find out more here.
  2. Now is the perfect time to get involved with your local CROP Hunger Walk. Spend your 67 minutes finding out where your Walk is, registering and getting involved in the fight against hunger.
  3. It’s impossible to predict when the next natural disaster will strike. But we can prepare. Get your friends and family together and assemble CWS Kits. These small packages of supplies can mean the world to someone after a flood, tornado or earthquake.
  4. Donate your time at a food bank or pantry and help with the evening meal. You can find out where your local food bank is here.
  5. Take 67 minutes to learn more about immigration reform and U.S. hunger policy. Educate yourself. Educate others. Then advocate and Speak Out!

I want to lead by example for my sons. Show them that volunteering is something to be honored, valued and is worthwhile. Mandela Day is a perfect opportunity to grow our family tradition of service. Will you join us?

Angela Rupchock-Schafer, Social Media Manager, CWS