Working from home: advice from the experts

March 17, 2020

CWS remote working staff on a recent web meeting demonstrating remote meetings can be fun AND productive. (Also demonstrating that organizational issued hats are great on days when you haven’t had time to shower.)

Many of the CWS staff have been working remotely from their homes for several years now. As people around the country practice social distancing and work from home more frequently, our staff thought we’d share some tips to help you ease into remote working.

Top Ten Tips for Working Remotely

10. Wear shoes – it makes you feel you are in the office not just at the house.

9. Take a shower.

8. Set an office routine – try to start at the same time every day, work from the same work area. Do something that marks the end of the workday, such as turn computer off, close office door, go for a walk, etc.

7. Have a clear time to close to laptop in the evening – this helps create personal vs. professional boundaries.

6. If you have kids at home, know that disruptions are inevitable. Be flexible. Be honest – if you have an important meeting at a certain time, that is when you really need their cooperation to play quietly. But don’t expect them to play quietly all day.

5. The urge to snack all day is high. Resist.

4. Working remotely can get lonely. Use technology to connect with your colleagues – water cooler talk can happen over Skype.

3. Get yourself a pet for company (dogs and cats are especially good company, but fish can be nice to talk to).

2.Learn about the hotspot function on your mobile phone. Inevitably, your WiFi will NOT play nice during your team’s most important call – a hotspot is a great backup option.

1. Office mullets are a must (professional on top, sweatpants on the bottom) for those particularly stressful days.

Bonus piece of advice…Laugh! It’s easy to get stressed when you’re trying to be a professional in an environment that’s made for comfort. Maybe your dog barks every time you’re on video chat, or your children are literally running into walls while you’re trying to finish that super important email. It’s okay. We’re all human and we’re all just trying to figure out this weird work/life/health situation together.

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