CWS Harrisburg’s Resettlement Supervisor Champions Immigration Reform at Forum Luncheon

March 26, 2024

On March 14, Sarah Michitsch, CWS Harrisburg’s Resettlement Supervisor, had the opportunity to attend the National Immigration Forum Luncheon in Washington D.C. featuring two insightful panel discussions that shed light on crucial aspects of immigration reform.

The first panel, which included panelists Rep. Lloyd Smucker and Rep. Henry Cuellar, answered questions about bipartisan bills aimed at reforming immigration policies. Among the topics discussed was the need to update the temporary status process to better accommodate and welcome migrant workers, ensure border security and outline pathways for current undocumented migrants. It was a robust discussion, showcasing a bipartisan effort toward addressing the complexities of immigration reform.

Following this, the second panel convened, featuring representatives from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce alongside other influential business leaders. This discussion focused on the pressing need for more migrant workers to meet the demands of the current job market. 

In addition to engaging with these panel discussions, Sarah took the opportunity to connect with organizations such as Women of Welcome and Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform. These connections not only fostered networking opportunities but also allowed for the exchange of valuable insights and perspectives on immigration reform advocacy.

What stood out from the event’s discussions and networking sessions was the recognition of CWS Harrisburg’s remarkable growth and its compassionate approach toward welcoming new neighbors. Sarah’s interactions left a lasting impression, with attendees expressing admiration for the organization’s dedication and sensitivity in its resettlement efforts.

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