TAKE ACTION: Urge National Leaders to Reject Biden Administration’s Unlawful Asylum Ban

March 1, 2023

On February 21st, the Biden administration announced it is preparing to implement an asylum ban that would have a devastating impact on those fleeing persecution and arriving at our doors. The proposed ban draws direct inspiration from the reckless and life-threatening border policies of the Trump era — in particular two asylum restrictions (an asylum “transit ban” and an asylum “entry ban”) that were repeatedly struck down by federal courts for denying the fundamental right to seek protection. The right to seek asylum, to make one’s case for protection from persecution, is explicitly guaranteed by U.S. and international law – irrespective of how or where. 

The proposal – if implemented – would create a presumption that certain migrants are ineligible for asylum if they have not first sought protection in a country they transited through en route to the border. This would effectively deny asylum seekers the chance to apply for permanent protection, profoundly impacting the most vulnerable. The administration intends to implement the ban by May 11th, immediately after Title 42 expulsions are set to end, effectively rushing to replace one Trump-era asylum restriction with another. 

It is critical that we commit to asylum and border policies rooted in compassion that recognize the dignity of all arriving migrants, not turn our backs on those fleeing persecution by resurrecting Trump-era bans. Here are the top 3 ways to take action:


The announcement came in the form of a proposed rule, a process which allows the public to express their perspectives and share their concerns about proposed policy changes by submitting “comments.” This process requires the administration to read and respond in writing to each of these unique comments before the rule can be implemented. The deadline to submit public comments to the proposed asylum ban is March 27, 2023

Click here to find instructions and an editable template comment for sharing your unique perspective, personal story, and pushback against the Biden administration’s proposed asylum ban. You can also write and submit your public comment on the rule directly on the Federal Register at this link


Members of Congress need to hear that their constituents oppose the administration’s proposed asylum ban and to call for a full restoration of all asylum protections. Contact your 2 Senators and 1 Representative on the right-hand side. 

Sample Email/Script: “I’m your constituent from [city/town] and [a faith leader/refugee leader/community member]. I urge you to denounce the Biden administration’s proposed asylum ban and to speak out in support of more welcoming, more compassionate asylum policies to welcome asylum seekers. 

President Biden’s February 21st proposed rule attempts to resurrect Trump-era “transit” and “entry” asylum bans that have been repeatedly struck down through court intervention for violating the fundamental right to asylum enshrined in U.S. and international law. This plan would have the largest impact on the most vulnerable, fleeing violence and persecution.

These kinds of asylum restrictions return those to the very danger they fled and do nothing to effectively manage our border response. We must not turn our backs or close our doors on those fleeing persecution. Welcoming policies make our communities stronger, and I urge you to reject harmful policies and support the rights and dignity of all those seeking safety at our shores. Thank you.”


Share this message with your Senators and Representatives on social media! Click here for a digital toolkit on the asylum ban. Here are some sample posts and graphics

  1. Asylum bans are immoral, unlawful, and do nothing to effectively manage our border. We MUST reject harmful asylum restrictions and create more compassionate border policies that recognize the inherent dignity of all those arriving on our shores.
  2. The Biden asylum ban would deny children and families fleeing persecution the right to seek protection at the border. @POTUS promised the American people that he would deliver solutions to keep families together, not condemn them to violence. #NoAsylumBan
  3. We must continue to welcome children, families and ALL people seeking safety with compassion and dignity. The U.S. can and should restore its legacy of welcome and restore asylum protections.

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