TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress and Biden Administration to Protect Black Immigrants and Asylum Seekers from Deportation and Family Separation

February 16, 2022

At this moment, thousands of immigrants, including people from Ethiopia, Cameroon, Haiti, Mauritania, and South Sudan face harm upon being deported to their home countries due to violent crime and political instability. According to Human Rights Watch, an estimated 3.9 million people in Cameroon are in need of humanitarian assistance, with over 720,000 people displaced. In Mauritania, the UN estimates that nearly 700,000 people may currently be enslaved. The global COVID-19 pandemic has only served to compound the existing violence and humanitarian needs in these countries. With every deportation and expulsion flight, the administration is placing lives at risk and abdicating from our moral and legal obligations to provide protection. The Biden administration must use Temporary Protected Status (TPS) broadly to protect Black immigrants and must fully restore access to asylum.

The targeting and prioritization of Black immigrants for expulsion and deportation is immoral and wrong. It is vital that the Biden administration follows through on its promise to defend Black immigrants, designate TPS for African and Caribbean countries, and dismantle the anti-Black sentiments within the immigration system.


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Sample Script: “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN] and [as a person of faith / refugee] I urge you to tell the Biden administration to re-designate or designate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Black immigrants including those from Ethiopia, Cameroon, Haiti, Mauritania, and South Sudan. Cameroon in particular is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and internal armed conflict characterized by massive internal displacement, state-sponsored violence, war crimes, and critical shortages of essentials including water, food, housing, and healthcare. These conditions make safe return to Cameroon impossible, and the government must act immediately to extend protection from deportation to Black immigrants living in the U.S. I urge you to call upon the administration to do its part to protect our Black immigrant neighbors seeking safety by calling on the administration to take swift action for these countries. The targeting and prioritization of Black immigrants for deportation is immoral and wrong. My community welcomes Black immigrants and asylum seekers, and I urge you to do the same.”

Amplify on Social Media: Use and share widely the Black Immigrant Advocacy Day of Action Toolkit which includes schedule of events, sample social media/graphics, and talking points. For additional graphics and resources, use and share the Black History Month Toolkit where you can read more about anti-Black immigration policies and ways to take action.

  • Take action ALL DAY in solidarity with Black immigrants! Together, let’s demand:

👉🏾#TPS4Cameroon + other countries

👉🏾Action for Mauritania

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Raise your voice: bit.ly/BIAFEB22 #Act4BlackImms

  • .@MauritanianFor is fighting for human rights, civil rights, and better opportunities for Mauritanians, both in the US and in Mauritania. #Act4BlackImms by learning more about their work and leadership this #BlackHistoryMonth! https://www.mauritaniannetwork.org/
  • #TPS is an essential tool of blanket humanitarian protection that catches those who may fall through the cracks of a system infused with bias and racism. @POTUS must use his executive authority to #Act4BlackImms and give protection where protection is due. 
  • For over a year, #Ethiopians have suffered increasing violence, and ethnic cleansing, and famine conditions. @DHSgov must designate #TPS4Ethiopia now to protect people from deportation to life-threatening conditions! #Act4BlackImms

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