Welcome Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian family at the train station in Lviv. When they left their home city in Kharkiv, they did not take much with them, just a couple of things for the children. Photo: Antti Yrjönen / FCA

Millions of families have been forced to flee their homes in the months since Russia invaded Ukraine. For 75 years, CWS has been a leader in supporting refugees along the journey to safety – whether in neighboring countries or seeking safety in the U.S.  While we continue to meet the unique needs of Ukrainians in the region, we are expanding our support for those who are now making their way to our local communities in the United States.

Thousands of Ukrainians are seeking asylum and support by reaching the United States through various journeys. With your help, we can partner with the Ukrainian community to provide shelter, food, transportation and case management. Donate today to welcome home these brothers and sisters in need.  Any gift you give will go to work immediately. Give once, or monthly and you can help a family get settled in their new home



can provide phone service for a month



can provide a month of groceries



can provide a month of transportation costs



can support all the basic needs of one person for a month

Give today, because your gift will help in the way that is most needed for our new Ukrainian neighbors.

Raise funds online

If you want to take your support a step further, sharing with your family and friends is a great way to do it.

And it's incredibly easy to start a fundraiser. You just need your name and email address, a goal, and a simple message. You'll get a unique link to share, telling the people you know best why you're involved and the difference it makes!