Walking one Step Further

Joanne Rendall | October 3, 2017

CWS staff participate in the 2017 Elkhart CROP Hunger Walk.

On Sunday, our town of Elkhart, Indiana joined communities across the United States that gather together to “end hunger one step at a time” through a CROP Hunger Walk. Our Walk began at Island Park, and wound through downtown and the local neighborhood.

Like we do every year, a staff team from the Elkhart office of Church World Service participated again this year. It was a beautiful day for the Elkhart CROP Hunger Walk.  People from across the community gathered together to end hunger one step at a time.  As CWS staff, it is a great opportunity to join with others to make a difference in the lives of people at home and across the globe.  What a fun atmosphere and a great afternoon.

The staff in the Church World Service Office in Elkhart focuses mainly in the areas of finance, operations, IT, business, fundraising and marketing. While these functions are critical to Church World Service, the team values ways to engage more directly in making a difference in the lives of people around the global that are looking for just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster.

To connect globally, the Elkhart staff team reads stories and reports, watches videos and welcomes other staff and partners to learn and experience more about the Church World Service work that we are supporting. Words do not do justice to the actual impact that is made, but it does help to hear and read the stories of change that are happening around the globe.

CWS staff volunteer at Church Community Services in Elkhart.

To connect locally, the team has been volunteering Church Community Services food pantry in Elkhart, the recipient of the local allocation from the Elkhart CROP Hunger Walk. Church Community Services is empowering positive change in the lives of our community. This has been an incredible way to connect more with the local community and the Church World Service mission around responding to hunger and poverty.

There are many ways that we can join with others through Church World Service to work towards a world where there is “Enough 4 All.” The CROP Hunger Walk is one opportunity. Making CWS kits, welcoming a refugee family and advocating for just and sustainable solutions are others ways, too.

We are excited to a part of the Elkhart community and volunteer with Church Community Services, and we love the annual Walk as a way to end hunger both locally and globally.

Joanne Rendall is the Chief Financial Officer of CWS.