Stories of Change

Than Than Si feeds Chit Phu Wai.

CWS programs in Myanmar reached more than 13,000 people in Myanmar last year.

A determined mom and healthier daughter in Myanmar

Than Than Si and her husband, Myint Lwin, have two daughters. Seven-year-old Chit Thet Wai is a first grade student. Little Chit Phu Wai is a 4-year-old who stays at home with her mother.

The family lives in a village in the Ayeyarwady region of southwest Myanmar where CWS works with poor and vulnerable families. Both parents are daily wage farm workers during the planting to harvesting seasons. They can earn about $3.75 each day during those months. In the rainy season, Myint Lwin fishes for his family’s food and for a little bit of income, too.

While the family may be poor, Than Than Si thought they were eating good and healthy meals each day. Imagine her surprise and heartbreak, then, when Chit Phu Wai was found to be underweight for her age during a health check-up that CWS supported in her community.

When she got the news, Than Than Si immediately joined nutrition, hygiene and health education sessions in her community. She learned about better nutrition for her daughters. Having successfully joined all of the classes that were offered, she said, “Now, I will never forget about the three key food groups for my daughters, nor about good personal hygiene. I practice what I learned every day when I prepare healthy food in a clean kitchen, and I take more care of my daughters’ hygiene. I must admit that the CWS-hosted education sessions helped me and my family be more aware of proper handwashing, especially after using the bathroom or before meals.”

Than Than Si can see the difference that her new habits are making. Chit Phu Wai is now officially caught up to where she should be in terms of her weight-for-height group. Her mom says, “Now, I will continue all these good practices, especially keeping a well-balanced diet plus better personal hygiene. I want my daughters to grow up healthy and happy, and I thank CWS for helping our children and community.”