Become a Sustaining Partner

Our neighbors around the world want to be able to adequately provide for themselves and their families. But for many, that's getting harder and harder. Natural disasters, drought, food and water shortages, and other challenges make it difficult to build a sustainable livelihood.

We believe that everyone should have access to essential resources to provide for themselves and their families. And like you, we care about our neighbors around the world and want to help make communities more resilient by giving people the tools to make the most of their own resources. And we have 75 years of experience working with local partners to do just that.

As a Sustaining Partner with CWS, you can make a change in the world – automatically, every month. Our Sustaining Partners commit to a hopeful future by making compassion a part of their monthly budget. It could mean new systems to manage precious resources like water. Or diversified ways of earning a living that make people more resilient. Or stronger support networks among their family and neighbors.

To get started, simply choose the amount you’re able to give monthly in the donation form on this page.

As a Sustaining Partner You Get


Make Updates

Update your payment date, method or amount online at any time.


Ask Questions

Get direct access to our Sustaining Partner lead by phone or email to answer questions.


Exclusive Updates

Receive insider information and updates on your impact AND exclusive invitations to virtual gatherings!

What Your Monthly Gift Could Provide


Sanitation & Hygiene

You can provide a clean, safe bathroom toilet for a family, protecting their health and dignity.


Small Business Start-up

You’ll provide business skills training plus start-up grants to refugee entrepreneurs.


Sustainable Food Supply

You’ll provide chickens, roosters and vegetable seeds for a community so they can raise their own food.