Stories of Change

Program participants in Haiti care for their new livestock

Transforming Land and Livelihoods

In Haiti, supporting communities with soil conservation work is an investment in sustainable agriculture, environmental stability and the overall well-being of both the land and the people who depend on it. This is why we partnered with Growing Hope Globally to develop soil conservation programs for the communities who need a helping hand.

One of the primary goals of this project was to combat erosion, protect the soil and improve agricultural output. After a season of heavy rainfall, the program’s success was clear. The canals, which were implemented by the 11 participating families, effectively stopped the water flow that had previously eroded the topsoil.

The canals maintained land moisture by retaining water, enabling plants to withstand dry spells. Families began constructing erosion-resistant structures like rock walls and utilized grasses, which inspired neighboring farmers. The successful results made way for harvests of plantains, cassava and various other crops.

The participants in the program echoed profound impacts on their lives. Agelus Saint Alus expressed gratitude and emphasized that such assistance was essential in his life and that he wouldn’t have been able to afford the canals without this support. He said, “It is the first time in my life that I find support from an organization to help me apply soil conservation techniques on my land.”

Similarly, Predelus Néhémy found the program transformative stating, “This program brings a lot of change to my life, considering the techniques to protect the land and to increase my knowledge to apply soil conservation techniques.”

Another participant, Jealine Attilus, shared, “I now approach things differently. I understand the suitable fodder for my animals and can recognize the signs indicating their readiness for crossbreeding. This newfound knowledge has led to my goat becoming pregnant.”

Through this education, individuals like Agelus, Predelus and Jealine are empowered to develop sustainability and lasting stability in their own lives.

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