Stories of Change

Fedilia with her new pig.

Pigs mean hope for families in Haiti

“My name is Fedilia Roselène, and I am 56 years old. I have two boys and a girl in my family. To me, the pig breeding program that is taking place in my community is a deliverance.

I used to have pigs, but I haven’t had any pigs for a long time. My sweet potato and kitchen waste were left unused.

In this program, I received a pig and training that helps me be better at animal breeding. I was so happy when I learned that I was among the first group of people to receive a pig–I needed the income, and I had no money to buy a pig at this moment. I built a shelter and I prepared fodder (such as sweet potatoes, bran, corn and sorghum) before I received the pig.

I am very happy when I look at my pig. Now I have hope; the future will be better for me thanks to this pig. I will bring my own contribution to allow this program to last for a long time in the community, so that others who have not yet benefitted can also get a pig just like me. I will continue to pray for all those who made it possible for this program to be realized in the community, as we needed this a lot. May God continue to bless them. Thank you very much.”

Fedilia is participating in a CWS program for families in Haiti to raise pigs and sheep. It was made possible through support from Latter-day Saint Charities. Another program participant, Sophie Monfort, said:

“I take care of three boys and three girls in my household. I grow crops and raise animals. This program of pig breeding is a big help for me. I did not have the hope to have a pig, but I received one and it is helping me progress in life. I hope that this animal will make me profits, so that I can reimburse newborn piglets to be passed on to other people in the area who have not yet received a pig.

I benefitted from a pig and training in the pig breeding program…I am proud of myself when I look at the pig I received. I am very satisfied. I hope that this program will continue to go well, with everybody respecting their commitments, so that the activities can continue to progress. Many thanks to all those who contributed for the success of this pig breeding program.”