Stories of Change

A program participant in Ban Mae Surin with her new poultry. Photo courtesy TBC.

Over 500 refugee families in Thailand now have poultry raising businesses

For families all over the world, raising chickens is a great way to eat better and earn extra money. 

More than 500 refugee families in Thailand are now raising chickens. They can add eggs and meat to their diets or sell eggs and chickens to earn money. This program is implemented by our longtime partner, The Border Consortium.

The refugee families living in Mae Hong Son province are originally from Myanmar. They now live just across the border in Thailand in a series of refugee camps. Among other support, The Border Consortium focuses on helping families with young children eat healthy and improve nutrition. CWS supports the “Healthy Babies, Bright Futures” program, which specifically focuses on improving mothers’ diets during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and on ensuring nutritious complementary foods for young children. 

Thanks to Latter-day Saint Charities, we were able to expand the program in 2020 to include providing chickens to 515 refugee families. Now that they are raising poultry, these households can add eggs and protein to their diets. They are also earning money that they can spend on buying household supplies and meeting other basic needs. This was even more important during this time of COVID-19 restrictions which reduced refugees’ prospects for livelihood activities due to restricted movement. For many, this program is truly life-saving. 

The ‘gai baan’, or local free range chickens, were sourced from a hatchery in the province and from Thai villagers who raise chickens.