Stories of Change

Nhy in one of her fields.

Growing and Adapting: Nhy Expands Her Vegetable Production

In the Ta Taok village of Western Cambodia, Hak Nhy and her husband Kim Dorn devote their time to their farm where they harvest corn and rice. The couple is in their late sixties and lives off of the crops they yield from their farm. Unfortunately, due to challenges ranging from climate change to the pandemic, the couple has struggled to get by and rarely has enough to eat.  

In 2020, CWS met the couple and learned of their day-to-day struggles. In response, CWS invited Nhy to vegetable classes where she was given the opportunity to learn the best methods to grow vegetables, compost fertilizer and adapt to the changes in the environment caused by climate change. Nhy also received seeds and other materials needed to build her own garden and help it flourish. 

Since enrolling in CWS’ classes, Nhy has been able to establish a better diet and earn a stable income by selling the surplus vegetables she grows from her garden. “My family’s situation is getting better. I have [gained] skills and knowledge on vegetable gardening, adapting to the changing weather conditions and compost making,” Nhy tells CWS. 

The couple has transitioned from struggling to thriving. They now earn a decent salary of about $70/month which is enough to buy necessities and have enough left over to put into savings. Through this new income, Nhy says they “have enough to eat and “are now no longer worried about food shortages.” Nhy has continued to use her new knowledge to help her garden grow by using the money she earns to buy more seeds and materials and grow her livelihood.  

Through education, Nhy has been empowered to give herself and her husband a new and better life. She tells CWS “I am so grateful and thank you for such great support.” Nhy’s story shows her admirable resiliency and capacity to adapt and thrive when given new knowledge and skills.  

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