Stories of Change

Suha working at StARS

“Never Give Up Hope”

Suha, a dedicated doctor, public health specialist and loving mother of two, can be known for her dedication to helping others. This dedication remained true, even when her life turned upside down when the conflict began in Sudan last April.

Suha lived in Khartoum, one of the first places impacted by the conflict. She and her family faced unavoidable challenges and, as the situation quickly worsened, they had to leave Khartoum and became internally displaced. Within a month, the conditions deteriorated even further, leaving Suha little choice but to flee to Egypt to find safety, all while eight months pregnant.

Throughout the difficult journey, Suha and her family witnessed unimaginable despair and destruction, leaving awful images etched in their minds. “It was a traumatizing experience,” Suha reflected.

Once she arrived in Egypt, Suha’s natural instinct to care for others took over, and she focused on stabilizing her life to ensure a semblance of normalcy for her young children. Determined to use her skills, Suha sought employment and found a great opportunity with St. Andrew’s Refugee Services, also known as StARS*. Since September, she has served as StARS’ first Complaints and Accountability Coordinator, making a significant impact on staff comprehension of the complaints process.

The trainings Suha provides through her role has been widely appreciated throughout the organization and has supported StARS’ transparency and accountability policies. At the same time, Suha’s employment has been crucial for her own well-being. She explained, “StARS provided me with a platform to use my experience, knowledge and expertise to be of service to other refugees who have been through the same struggles I have. This gives my work at StARS context and a sense of purpose, and this adds a lot to my mental and psychological well-being.”

With renewed hope, Suha wants to share her story to inspire others. She said, “To everyone struggling in life, refugee or not, I want them to know that everything will work out somehow. Never give up hope. Find your purpose and add meaning to your life and the lives of others around you, wherever life puts you.”

We are proud to have Suha as a partner in our mission to support refugees on their journey to safety and are grateful for the meaning she adds to the work that we do.

*The ongoing conflict in Sudan began on April 15, 2023, as a result of violent clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. It has resulted in the displacement of over 7.3 million individuals who have been internally displaced or left to neighboring countries such as Egypt. This conflict has exacerbated Sudan’s existing challenges, including ongoing conflicts, disease outbreaks, economic and political instability and climate emergencies. It has also led to extreme shortages of essential goods and a surge in prices, making it a dire humanitarian crisis.

*StARS is a refugee- and women-led service provider that connects refugees in Cairo to educational, legal, medical, psychosocial, housing and other services. CWS has partnered with StARS since 2013. Since the start of the conflict in Sudan in April, StARS has opened its doors to over 7,000 newly arrived Sudanese refugees. To learn more about the StARS program, click here.