Stories of Change

Top: Anahi sitting in CWS Houston office, Bottom: CWS Houston Home Study and Post Release Services team

“My Work Fulfills Me”

Every morning, Anahi Bravo likes to take some time to journal to set the tone for the day. Anahi, who is bright and full of positive energy, uses this time to prepare for the very important work she has ahead. Anahi is a Home Study and Post-Release Services Caseworker for Unaccompanied Children here at CWS in Houston, Texas. Along with hundreds of other staff, Anahi is part of CWS’ core. Her work and her passion are what drives the work that we do in the United States and worldwide.

When we spoke to Anahi, one thing that we could feel very distinctly was her passion and excitement for her work. As a first-generation Mexican American, Anahi explained that the work she does hits close to home. She shared, “I have always been interested in working with refugee/immigrant communities. I am the daughter of immigrants and have always seen the struggle and lack of support in this community. I knew I wanted to do something to help other families.” Anahi added that she feels “humbled” by her work and shared, “my work reminds me that my parents and family members went through similar obstacles as my clients, and I want to help them overcome these obstacles. Everything that I accomplish is part of my parents’ accomplishments as well.”

Anahi described the environment at work as supportive, engaging and motivating. She told us she always looks forward to Wednesdays because that’s when she has her weekly team meetings. She elaborated, “that’s when I get to socialize with my team members and see them in the office. We check up on each other and usually ask ‘how is everybody doing? How’s everything going?’.” Outside of team meetings, Anahi told us that she feels very supported by her team and enjoys working with people who are also motivated and passionate about their work.

Our case workers at CWS are extremely important because, to our clients, they represent kindness, hope and compassion as they get accustomed to their new home. For this reason, we are thankful for staff like Anahi who have a genuine desire to care for our clients and give them the highest quality of support. Anahi, who works specifically with minors and children, told us, “the children are what motivate me. Knowing that they sacrificed so much to get here and have a better life, reminds me that I have a purpose. It reminds me that I am meant to be here to provide them with the help and guidance that they need. It honestly fulfills me.” Anahi shared that one of the clients who has inspired her the most is a young boy who has no family with him in Texas. She said, “it inspires me that this little boy has so many goals he wants to reach. And although he may feel lonely, he still maintains a positive attitude.”

Like the clients she serves, Anahi also has big goals and dreams for her own future. “My goal is to travel and help vulnerable communities. I would like to visit children in shelters at the border. It always surprises me what happens at the border and I would like to go there and experience it firsthand. I would also like to be in a role where I can continue to advocate for immigrants and refugees,” Anahi said.

Anahi’s goals are driven by the same things that drive her in her current role: passion, motivation and a love for others. She recognizes the value of her work and stated, “our work is extremely important because these families and children come to our country to start fresh. Many are not aware of the resources that are out there and how to obtain them. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine you and your family coming to the U.S. not knowing who or where to go. Imagine that and how you would struggle. This is your chance to help us help those who are going through this, by supporting us and this organization so that we can provide them with resources and assistance.”

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