Stories of Change

Anh with her chickens.

Ms. Anh Learns a New and Valuable Skill

In the green mountains of Vietnam exists a small town known as Pa Chit Tau. This town is inhabited by 25 families who are all from the Thai ethnic minority group and make their living off of agriculture or livestock. These families all live spread out, which means that many do not have access to electricity. Due to the nature of this town, most residents live in poverty and struggle to maintain a stable income.

Ms. Lo Thi Anh lives in Pa Chit Tau with her family and makes a living from cultivating rice, maize and cassava. Others in her family have attempted to raise livestock but have struggled to care for the animals and prevent them from getting diseases. Due to these difficulties, Anh and her family have been unable to maintain a stable income. 

When Anh heard about the CWS chicken-raising project that is supported by Latter-day Saints Charities, she became interested and excited about the opportunity. She explained that, unlike the other families who didn’t want to join due to their lack of knowledge on how to raise chickens, she was excited to learn. 

Anh and her family attended info sessions, where they learned how to build proper chicken coops, how to select breeders and how to raise baby chicks. Excited by her new knowledge, Anh hurried to gather the materials she needed to start raising her new baby chicks. She shared with us, “now I understand that the new way to raise chicken is not as complicated as I thought. In fact, we can use materials available in my family like bamboo and wood to save money for our initial investment. Now I know how to raise newly hatched chicks and how to vaccinate them properly to avoid diseases.”

Filled with excitement and knowledge, Anh is generating a new source of income that will help create stability for herself and her family. Her confidence and eagerness to try new things have allowed her to lead her family towards a better quality of life.