Stories of Change

Inside the cooperative's new greenhouse.

Greenhouses and Solar Dryers in rural Moldova

Moldova is one of the poorest nations in Europe, and this is even more pronounced in rural areas. We’re teaming up with local partner Ormax to help families here find sustainable new ways to earn an income without damaging the environment.

In the village of Zguriţa, we’re piloting a program that will help families earn extra money and help more people eat healthy fruits and vegetables–using renewable energy technologies. Natalia Himici, Irina Balaian, Natalia Boțaniuc and Victoria Colesnic built a greenhouse with help from Ormax and investment from CWS. They are growing fruits and vegetables and selling them in two markets: a small local market and one in the larger town of Drochia where people from across the area come to buy fresh produce.

The greenhouse, though, was just the beginning of this cooperative’s business plan. In the coming months, we will help them install industrial solar vegetable dryers. They will dry medicinal herbs that can also be sold as an additional way source of income.

As their business grows, so will the cooperative itself. The group plans to hire five or six more women soon.