Stories of Change

Top: Moh Zain and Karmila with their son, Bottom: Moh Zain on his modified motorbike

Moh Zain Perseveres

For most of his life, Moh Zain, who lives in a small town in Indonesia, felt like he didn’t belong. As a person with albinism and visual impairments, Moh Zain struggled to connect and socialize with the other members of his community and found it difficult to make a living. Unfortunately, Moh Zain’s troubles were exacerbated in 2015 after an accident which resulted in the amputation of his right hand and leg.

Despite the many trials and tribulations he faced, Moh Zain was determined to make a living and be an independent adult. His motivation led him to enroll in a two year local training series. Moh Zain built skills to create a stable livelihood and participated in mental health sessions to improve his overall wellbeing. As it turns out, Moh Zain also opened his heart and fell in love with another program participant, Karmila. Following the training, the two continued on their journeys together as life partners.

After the training sessions, Moh Zain became a coconut and corn farmer and joined a farmers group. With a new passion for life, and a modified motorbike that he uses to move around, Moh Zain was ready to learn and get to work.

In 2021, CWS staff visited the farmers group Moh Zain had joined and were invited to attend a series of meetings to develop a community action plan regarding climate change. Since attending these first meetings, Moh Zain has become an active participant. He has teamed up with CWS to develop disaster risk reduction plans, led outreach to people with disabilities, distributed information about disaster risk reduction plans and attended training sessions on manufacturing liquid fertilizer. He shared, “I went to these activities because I wanted to learn about organic farming,” and added, “I am also happy to be involved in disaster risk reduction document creation because I can help by providing input.”

At their home, Karmila has opened her own sewing business and helps sell the coconuts Moh Zain grows. The two are now a family of three, and are excited about the future they are building for their son. Moh Zain shared with us that he has really enjoyed participating in CWS’ activities. He said, “I want to be involved in activities like others. When I participate in these activities, I also want to be treated the same way as everyone else. Through this program, I feel that my prayers have been answered.”

Moh Zain has become a key member and leader in his community and is helping protect generations to come from the effects of climate change. His disabilities did not hinder him. Instead, Moh Zain continues to show the world how capable he is and is using his skills and abilities to make the world a better and safer place for all.

*This training series was hosted by Social Services of Central Sulawesi Province in collaboration with the Center for Social Rehabilitation of People with Physical Disabilities.