Stories of Change

Anita in her classroom.

It’s never too late to learn to read and write

Anita was born and raised in Macedonia. Two years ago, she escaped her abusive husband–who was also a drug addict–and fled to neighboring Serbia with her children.

After she arrived in Belgrade, Anita went to enroll her two daughters in school. That’s when she learned about a CWS program that helps women learn to read and finish their education. That program is operated out of the very same school where her daughters are now students. One of the teachers explained the program to Anita, who hadn’t finished school but wanted to at least learn how to read and write.

Reading and writing unlock huge amounts of freedom for women like Anita. When a woman learns to read and write, she can use smartphones and the internet. She can read street signs and maps to get around. She can understand medical forms and read prescription bottles. She can read the news and maintain correspondence. And she can help her children with their homework.

Anita enrolled in the program, and so far she has proven to be a fast learner with a sharp mind. She says that she wants to finish school so that she can find a job and pay bills, but also so that she can manage tasks like obtaining documents. “My greatest motivation to complete elementary school are my children. They are so happy because their mom will become literate,” she says. 

We are excited to help Anita finish her education and be a role model for her daughters.