Stories of Change

Adel and her family next to their chicken coop

How Adel Turned Two Hens and One Rooster Into a Brighter Future

What can one rooster and two hens do for a family in Indonesia? We found the answer to that question when we met Mrs. Adel Regina Piut in the small town of Oelbiteno. 

Through our Giving Machine Program, which is supported by Latter-day Saints Charities, Adel received cash assistance and three chickens. Using the cash assistance they received, Adel and her husband built a coop for the chicken. She told us, “we also made the roof and door of the coop so that the chickens can lay eggs safely.” 

Adel and her husband had owned chickens before but struggled to keep them alive. The chickens would usually sleep outside and search for their own food which led them to die from various diseases. By attending our info sessions, Adel learned about modern methods for caring for chickens including the importance of vaccinating them. She explained, “I didn’t know that chickens also needed to be vaccinated. We also didn’t know there were officers who came to vaccinate them. I thought only cows need to be vaccinated. ” 

Adel now plans to maximize her resources to develop a better future. She said, “we will take good care of the chickens so that they can breed a lot. In the future, we will build a bigger cage.” Adel plans to use the chickens she breeds to feed her family and increase her income. Her goal is to use the money she earns from her chickens to buy pigs and pay for her children’s education. With her one rooster, two hens, and hopeful perseverance, Adel is paving the path for a better life for herself and her family.