Stories of Change

Anastasia stands in front of the pen where she keeps her pig.

Happiness and hope for Anastasia’s family in Tanzania

Anastasia Malembeka has relied on farming and selling fruit and vegetables to earn a living. She has always wanted to start a livestock business, but she didn’t have the startup capital. She also didn’t know what the best type of animal would be to raise in order to provide for her family. 

Things changed in 2020, when CWS introduced a new part of our work in the region of Tanzania where Anastasia lives. With the support of Latter-day Saint Charities, CWS offered families like Anastasia the resources and information they needed to start raising pigs. Before the program, Anastasia thought it would be a challenge to raise pigs. Nevertheless, she signed up and has seen success.

“Now I know how to rear a pig in most effective way,” Anastasia says. “I can prepare pig feed using the feed formula that was taught to us by CWS, I can easily manage my piggery unit by myself and I can even identify common pig diseases and furthermore prevent them.”

“I am thankful to CWS because through this project, I have fulfilled my dream of livestock rearing, which will in turn diversify my family source of income. This project has also provided a platform for farmers to meet and discuss challenges faced and how to solve them accordingly. This has been helpful since it gives us an opportunity to learn and encourage one another,” she continued. “The lead farmer has been very helpful to us by providing technical advice and further support whenever needed.”

“My sow is now growing healthy, and I expecting her to be ‘in heat’ anytime–something we are all looking forward to as a family, and we are very  prepared for that,” she says. “At the moment my family and I are very happy because we believe that this project will enable us to increase our family income.”