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Refreshing our knowledge on thorough handwashing with soap!

Access to clean water makes all the difference in preparing to fight coronavirus in Indonesia

Timor island’s Soe District is one of the poorest in all of Indonesia. For some years now, CWS (and CROP Hunger Walkers!) have been working with some of the most vulnerable communities there through our Timor Zero Hunger program. Families needed some help to work themselves out of extreme poverty, and we were there for them.

Recently, because of our close ties, CWS staff visited Fetomone village to update families about ways to protect themselves from the coronavirus, which has yet to reach them. But, if it does, our past partnership will help make it possible for all families to protect themselves.

Here’s why.

Five years ago, not one Fetomone family had clean water. But, with our help, the village reclaimed a nearby natural spring. Then, they built a sizable tank for the clean water. Since then, with families committed to its upkeep, everyone has enough clean water for drinking, cooking, gardening and bathing. And now, frequent hand washing. This is so important now because of COVID-19.

During the CWS team’s visit, families learned about COVID-19 and how to prepare for it. And, while gathered to meet their CWS visitors, some people took the time to set up special no-cost hand washing ‘stations’ at some homes. Now, with these places – and refreshed knowledge of how to thoroughly to wash their hands using soap as well as water – community leaders are ready to make sure all their neighbors knew the basics to protect themselves, too.