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top: Wen Tan, MBA of Tailor Made Solutions and CWS Harrisburg Site Director Alex Swan middle: members of Harrisburg Young Professionals bottom: child in the Comfy-Cozy Corner

Comfy-Cozy Corners Spread Fun With Sesame Street

Children thrive when they feel safe, secure and have the chance to learn.

That’s why, in partnership with Sesame Street in Communities, CWS offices across the country are building Comfy-Cozy Corners—dedicated spaces where refugee children can engage in play, learning and fun activities alongside beloved Sesame Street characters.

In April 2024, CWS Harrisburg launched its own Comfy-Cozy Corner, a Sesame Street-decorated, supersized area for children to play and read. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with enthusiastic support from community members, partners and, most importantly, the children themselves. One of the earliest visitors, a young princess immersed in Sesame Street stories, epitomized the joy and wonder these spaces inspire.

These Comfy-Cozy Corners provide a child-friendly zone for our youngest newcomers, offering a welcoming environment where they can play, read and learn while their parents or guardians engage with CWS staff to access essential services. 

By alleviating stress and providing opportunities for connection and resource-sharing among families, these spaces play a crucial role in supporting the holistic well-being of newcomer children.

Over the next several months, CWS offices across the Northeast, including New York City, Jersey City, Georgetown, Rochester and Indianapolis, are building their own Comfy-Cozy Corners. With each new Cozy Corner, we reaffirm our commitment to nurturing the potential of refugee children and creating inclusive environments where they can thrive.

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