Stories of Change

Nurmita (on the right) is back to selling her cakes. With her profits she pays her 6- and 7-year-olds’ school fees. She also saves some money every month, which will help when another disaster or family emergency hits.

Back in Business: CWS Cash Transfer Initiative Helps Nurmita Return to Work

Nurmita lives in a Central Sulawesi village where, before a devastating earthquake in 2018, she sold traditional cakes to earn a nice income.

In the disaster Nurmita lost her baking equipment and supplies … and her livelihood. Her situation was not uncommon, unfortunately. And it has taken quite some time for people to recover and regroup.

Now, finally, with help from CWS and our local partner organization, INANTA, things are changing.

Some months ago, Nurmita and 89 others in Lende Tovea village each received a small grant to restart a lost business. With her 2.8M Rupiah ($200) Nurmita bought a mixer, a small oven, a cylinder of propane gas and other supplies to start baking again. Now she is back to selling her cakes, which are as famous as ever in the whole village.

In fact, on days she does not make the rounds in Lende Tovea, people come to her house to buy the local favorites. Her top sellers are biapong, a steamed bun filled with peanut paste and konto-konto, a fried bun filled with brown sugar. Each day Nurmita sells just over 100 cakes for about 1,100 Rupiah (7-8 cents) each. “Already my average monthly profit is more than 500,000 Rupiah ($35). I use the money to pay for my children’s education and other household necessities.”

Because her husband is a day laborer who sometimes has work, and sometimes does not, Nurmita has let us know how “very grateful” she is for CWS and INANTA support. With our help, and that of our donors, Nurmita helps her whole family. And, she proudly adds, “I am even able to save about 50,000 Rupiah ($3.50) every month!”