Stories of Change

StARS staff cares for baby at Naimo Nursery

A Role Model for Many

Sunday wasn’t sure what her future would hold when she was forced to leave South Sudan. Her hardships seemed endless. She faced many challenges in her home county, on her journey, and in her early days in Egypt. What Sunday didn’t know, however, was that at CWS’s partner in Cairo, St. Andrew’s Refugee Services (known as StARS), she would find a new and well-fitting opportunity to grow, use her skills and make a better life for her and her child.

Shortly before the delivery of her child, Sunday accessed psychosocial services through the StARS Young Mothers Psychosocial Program. Despite being in her teenage years, Sunday worked hard to come to terms with her early motherhood. When her baby was 5 months old, Sunday felt eager to be independent so that she could give her baby the best life possible. She applied for a position as a Young Mothers Psychosocial Program Youth Assistant and thanks to her exceptional skills, commitment and ability to manage herself, she was granted the position.

Since joining the staff in November 2020, Sunday has grown in confidence and always aims to provide young mothers with the highest quality of support. As a youth assistant, she looks after the babies in the nursery, facilitates lactation and support sessions and assists psychosocial caseworkers in following up on their clients.

Sunday’s passion and ambition, however, did not stop there. In January 2022, Sunday applied and was accepted to the Youth Advisory Board. With her creative mind, excellent leadership skills, and positive spirit, she is inspiring young people to work hard and never give up on their dreams. Sunday shared with us, “StARS is the role model that filled an empty space in me.” The role model that Sunday sees in StARS, Sunday embodies herself. Her contribution to the Youth Advisory Board and StARS is invaluable.