Stories of Change

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A Love Story: Negena and Ferdaws’ Journey to Reunion and Happiness

Negena and Ferdaws first met at an engagement ceremony in Afghanistan. Ferdaws was a guest at the ceremony, while Negena was the 18-year-old bride-to-be. Although Negena did not think about marrying Ferdaws at the time, their paths crossed again years later when Negena became a widow at 22 years old. Negena focused on her education and work, but she knew life had to change. That’s when Ferdaws entered her life, and after only a few months of talking, their families agreed for the two to be married.

However, the summer of 2021 was a dark time for Afghanistan, as Kabul fell and families were separated. Negena and Ferdaws, who both worked at a dentistry school, faced difficulties in their lives. Ferdaws, who also worked as an interpreter, was in a dangerous situation, as many interpreters for foreign troops in Afghanistan were being killed. Despite the dangers, Negena found out she was pregnant and was able to escape with the help of Integration Refugee and Immigration Services on August 21, 2021.

In December 2022, Negena and Ferdaws were reunited in the United States, where they started a new chapter in their lives with their baby. This Valentine’s Day, they will celebrate their love and joy, and even go on a road trip from Connecticut to New York City to show Ferdaws Times Square and other landmarks. Despite the hardships they’ve faced, Negena is excited for the future with her husband and child.