Stories of Change

Top: Pedro's home, Middle: Pedro (front right), CASM partners and Pedro's family, Bottom: Fruits and vegetables harvested by Pedro

A Community’s Guiding Light

Like many great leaders, Pedro is humble and has never sought the spotlight. He lives a calm life in the countryside of Honduras where he spends most days working on his crops and coffee plantations. He’s a man of strong values and is a leader in the Catholic Church where he finds joy in teaching families about the gift they are to one another.

When the pandemic hit in 2019, Pedro’s values and way of life were put to the test. Inflation and store closures made it difficult for Pedro and his family to access food and supplies needed to maintain their harvests. Eventually, Pedro’s wife suggested she leave to the U.S. to find employment and help make ends meet. “For me, it was like a stab to my heart because I’ve never wanted our family to be separated,” Pedro said. Despite the challenges they were facing, Pedro and his wife decided they would hold onto their faith and stay together in Honduras.

Following this decision, Pedro and his family received the blessing they had been hoping for. CWS’ partner, CASM, invited them to participate in a food security program. Pedro received chickens, a piglet, sheep and a cow and was given intense training on how to care for these animals. CASM helped Pedro transform his home to care for the animals and grow a vegetable garden. Pedro is now an expert in animal care, fertilization and vegetation. His home now nourishes his family and is a training ground for the whole community.

Pedro has become a mentor and leader in his community and has passed on his knowledge to his neighbors. He said, “Honestly, I never wanted to be a role model but it just happened. Every time I do something, I ask God for guidance and I invite others to see what I’m doing so that they can apply it to their own lives.” He added that while at times it’s uncomfortable for him to be called a role model, it’s also motivating. “It makes me want to be better and better every day. Why? Because if I am their role model, I should be better each day so that they can benefit the most from these practices.”

Pedro credits all of his success to God. He attributes the first phone call about the program as divine intervention. “I didn’t even see who was calling. I said, It’s God calling and I took it. Since then, we’ve been seeing the light, like we say, through these programs,” Pedro told us. He added that since joining the program, his family has made a good income that will allow them to maintain a happy life together in their country.

Pedro’s gratitude and desire to share all these blessings are what have made Pedro a blessing to the rest of his community and guiding light, illuminating the path toward a better tomorrow.