Situation Report: U.S. Spring Storms 2019

March 26, 2019


Deadly flooding has devastated communities across Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri in the last few weeks. People have been forced to leave their homes, farmland is underwater and the estimated economic cost is staggering. As The New York Times reported on March 25, “Already the flooding along the Missouri River and its tributaries has caused at least $3 billion damage and forced thousands from their homes as floodwaters penetrated or flowed over several hundred miles of levees.” The flooding’s heartbreaking damage can be clearly seen in this collection of images from CNN.

CWS Response

CWS has shipped thousands of supplies to affected areas. As of March 26, these shipments included 1,560 CWS Hygiene Kits, 998 CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets, 150 CWS Blankets and 90 CWS School Kits. Despite low stock levels of some types of kits, we plan to continue to respond to requests for supplies in response to the flooding.

How to Help

Please consider assembling and donating CWS Kits to replenish warehouse stock levels and enable our team to continue to respond to this emergency – and to future ones. Visit to learn more about how to assemble CWS Kits. Spring kit depots, where you can drop off assembled CWS Kits, are beginning to open for the season. Find one near you at

Donations to this response can be made here or can be sent to your denomination or to Church World Service (P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515. Designate “2019 U.S. Spring Storms”).