Church World Service Heartened by 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision to Maintain Temporary Halt on Refugee Ban

February 9, 2017


CONTACT: Wardah Khalid | 713-587-6342 |

CWS is heartened by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision to maintain the temporary halt of the misguided and detrimental refugee ban. To refugees desperately seeking safety, every single day makes a difference. This continued stay will enable us to save that many more lives during this injunction period —and we will not rest until this executive order is fully rescinded. We continue to urge the U.S. Congress to exercise political courage and moral leadership by pushing for the full reversal of any policy denying resettlement based on nationality or religion. Today, the justice system worked as it should, affirming that nobody—not even our President—stands above the laws enshrined in our Constitution. We are #GreaterAs1.

Earlier this week, CWS issued this statement on the temporary suspension of the Executive Order.


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