Honored at CWS Resettlement Conference

May 4, 2023

For Immediate Release: May 4, 2023

Contact: Honored at CWS Resettlement Conference

New York City– CWS today honored at their annual Resettlement Conference with the presentation of the Exceptional Housing Partner Award. Since 2017 and Airbnb have provided temporary housing assistance to refugees and other newcomers in need of support in the United States, and was instrumental in helping resettle over 20,000 Afghan refugees following the fall of Kabul. 

During the last three years of partnership, over 6,000 CWS newcomer clients have been supported with temporary housing via This accounted for over 21,000 nights of stay across our resettlement network. In a time of uncertainty for these individuals and families, has facilitated warm, safe places to temporarily call home. This resource has been vital to all the newcomer demographics we serve, including clients from Afghanistan, Haiti, Kenya, Pakistan, Rwanda, Ukraine, Venezuela and beyond. 

Over the last several years, our partnership with has become a critical part of our strategy to welcome refugees and provide them with a safe and comfortable home when they first arrive,” said Sarah A. Coleman, Associate Director of Programs for CWS Harrisonburg, VA.

“Working with enables us to make sure families can begin settling in without worrying that all of their limited resettlement funds are going to be drained paying for their temporary housing. It also gives our case managers peace of mind that they don’t have to worry that one of their cases is going to arrive and have no place to go,” added Coleman.

Our mission to welcome well is possible when all of us– individuals, communities, businesses, and leaders– pitch in to help those in need gain their footing and thrive in their new homes. We are grateful to for being an instrumental part of pressing towards that goal.