Border Shelter Network and Call Center

Photo: Sean Hawkey

There is a desperate humanitarian crisis in Central America, where violence and corruption are forcing thousands of families to flee in search of safety for their children. Many seek asylum in the U.S., though they are increasingly turned away or forced to wait in dangerous border regions of Mexico for months.

When those who enter U.S. custody are released to await a court date with the U.S. government, a network of CWS-supported respite shelters welcomes them with open arms and much-needed services: a warm place to sleep, good food to eat, a chance to bathe and space to rest. They are given clothing, hygiene items and other necessities. They are helped to call their loved ones to tell them that they are safe and finally free from detention. Asylum seekers often spend 24-48 hours at these shelters as they prepare for the next step in their journeys.

The CWS Resource Call Center is then available to connect those awaiting their court dates to resettlement offices, member congregations, Sanctuary Churches and other service providers across the country who can provide local support through housing, legal and support services, resource sharing and friendship.