Children with Incarcerated Parents

When someone goes to prison, it can often mean a sentence for their whole family. This is especially true when the incarcerated person is a parent.

More than two million children across Latin America and the Caribbean have an incarcerated parent. These children often face stigma, discrimination and/or trauma. Many have watched police arrest their parent. They may have to move in with extended family to make ends meet without their parent's income. Their families often struggle financially.

No matter what their parents have done, these children are innocent. And they are often in need of special care and attention.

That's why CWS helped create Plataforma NNAPES. It's a regional coalition of organizations who focus on advocating for and protecting the rights of these children and their families. They envision a world where all children with incarcerated parents thrive and have their rights realized.

Alongside our partners, we work to raise the visibility of this issue. Together, we can shine a light on these invisible children.