Major structural, program changes for CWS

February 5, 2013

James Landis, CWS Vice President of Program Operations

James Landis, CWS Vice President of Program Operations

New York, N.Y. – Global humanitarian agency CWS has announced a series of programmatic and staffing changes that will help it sharpen its focus and become a more global organization.

“CWS has a real opportunity to strengthen its mission in the best interest of those we serve. I am excited about this opportunity,” CWS CEO and President John L. McCullough said about the organizational changes.

McCullough said a more global approach to the organization of staff is being introduced, and that the CWS’s New York headquarters will now become the agency’s corporate center. As part of its embrace of a more global identity, CWS has also changed its web address from to

A new global CWS Growth Plan also is being studied by the new CWS board of directors, who met for the first time Jan. 22-23.

As part of the agency reorganization, James Landis has been named CWS’s vice president of program operations. Since 2005, Landis has been president of a consulting agency, Core4, Inc. which describes itself as “dedicated to creating high performing, and high morale organizations.”

A key component of Landis’s work as head of Core4, based in Lancaster, Pa., has been dedication to “results and joy in the workplace.” The consulting agency has worked with nonprofits like CWS to help organizations align around strategic initiatives, objectives and board measurements.

Among his other jobs, Landis has served as managing director of BearingPoint, Inc., a McLean, Va., consulting firm. Landis holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Va.

Bloem, Wildey also named to new posts

Other organizational changes, which took effect Feb. 1, include placing the communications function of the agency under Funds Development & Marketing, now headed by William Wildey, director of funds development and marketing.  Communications, along with social media and marketing, will be responsible to Wildey, newly named as vice president for development.

Other changes include a new role for Maurice A. Bloem, who has served as deputy director, head of programs since 2006.

Bloem now becomes CWS’s executive vice president. Bloem moved into the deputy director position after eight years as country director and regional director of CWS in Indonesia/Timor-Leste. In that position he led the regional office in developing and implementing substantial health and nutrition programs in areas heavily beset by hunger and malnutrition, partly as a result of climate change.

While serving in Indonesia, Bloem also led CWS’ multi-million dollar response to the tsunami and the earthquakes that devastated the region in 2004 and 2005 and directed the development and implementation of innovative HIV/AIDS programs and programs for youth.

CWS is a global relief, sustainable development and refugee assistance agency, addressing the root causes of poverty and hunger around the world.