Situation Report: Louisiana Flooding

August 19, 2016


Torrential rainfall has resulted in massive flooding in southern Louisiana. About 40,000 homes have been destroyed by the floods and roughly 30,000 people have been rescued. Thirteen people have been killed and 86,500 people have filed for federal aid. (Source: New York Times)

CWS Response

When major emergencies happen in the United States, CWS provides supplies as requested, including CWS Blankets and CWS Kits.

CWS is currently processing three requests. Adventist Disaster Services will receive 500 Emergency Cleanup Buckets, 600 Hygiene Kits and 600 School Kits. United Church of Christ partners in Louisiana will receive 1,000 Emergency Cleanup Buckets for distribution. Local disaster response organizations  will receive 500 Emergency Cleanup Buckets.

Shipping costs for these shipments is expected to be approximately $6,100.

How to Help

Financial contributions to help cover shipping costs of supplies may be made online or sent to your denomination or to Church World Service, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515.

Donations to the CWS Kits program may also be made online. Instructions for assembling CWS Kits may be found at