For The Love of Others, Vote

Krista Connelly | November 4, 2014

There’s a reason why the CROP Hunger Walk is considered the “granddaddy” of all walks. It is not just because CWS has been hosting walkathons longer than any other organization. It is not just because CWS is filled with pacesetters who pave the way for others to go out and fight the injustices of the world.  It is because CWS volunteers go above and beyond the “call of duty” for the love of others. How else do you explain more than 116,000 CHW participants in 2014 raising more than 12 million dollars to end hunger? If that isn’t love, then what is?

According to Bread for the World’s Top 10 Hungriest States report, North Carolina ranks fifth, yet it is home to the top three CROP Hunger Walks in the nation. These walks in Charlotte, Greensboro and Durham raise roughly $700,000 combined, with an estimated $175,000 helping North Carolinians who suffer from food insecurity every day. Within the Top 10 Hungriest States, CWS has a total of 113 CROP Hunger Walks fighting tirelessly to end hunger and make a difference locally and around the world.

But loving others is not enough. We must take action and speak out for those without a voice and speak with those whose voices are not yet heard.

Today, November 4, is Election Day. Have you done your homework? Be prepared to answer the hard questions! To love others, to be a hunger fighter and a pacesetter you need to learn which candidates care most about the 45 million people who live in poverty and then go vote.

Statistics on poverty may discourage you, but these numbers aren’t set in stone. They can be altered. They can be changed for the better. We have a cure and we can end hunger. Let’s not sit quietly while our brothers and sisters die as a result of something that can be solved! Let’s change the equation and for the love of others, make a difference.

Please go vote today.

Krista Connelly, Southeast Assistant Field Director, CWS