Emergency appeal: refugee crisis in Europe

September 11, 2015

Appeal Code:  76-6640
TOTAL initial appeal goal:  $200,000


As hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants make their way towards and into the European Union, the influx of new arrivals has led to an increased demand for food, water, shelter and other services in the countries through which they are passing.

One common route into the European Union is over land through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. In Serbia, the number of registered asylum seekers is near 80,000 with another 50,000 crossing into the country and not registering. These new arrivals are largely temporary, entering through the southern borders and moving north to borders with Hungary. Although part of the EU, Hungary is another transit nation for many refugees who hope to eventually travel to Western and Northern Europe.



Recently, Serbia has emerged as an important transit country for migrants and asylum seekers on their journey into the European Union. CWS staff and local partners will provide food for 1,600 people daily for three months in Presevo and Kanjizo. Additionally, CWS will provide basic items such as blankets and hygiene supplies, including temporary shelter assistance and other support as needed.


Through ACT Alliance member Hungarian Interchurch Aid, CWS will provide food to 4,000 people, basic household items to 5,500 and shelter to 1,100 displaced people. In addition, 1,500 children will receive psycho-social support, and at least 4,000 will receive water, sanitation and hygiene assistance.


There are currently 132,000 registered Syrian refugees living in Egypt, where CWS works with St. Andrew’s Refugee Services to provide education, legal assistance and psychosocial support. This influx of refugees has quadrupled the number of refugees in Egypt over the last three years. International funding has not kept pace with this increase, resulting in constrained resources to support refugees.

Over the next year, StARS, with CWS support, will assist over 9,000 refugees including approximately 4,400 Syrians, through legal assistance and information; seminars on refugee rights; individual and group counseling on issues relating to mental health, medical needs, financial assistance and housing; and adult education courses to including English, sewing, computer skills and teacher training. Additionally, StARS will use experience gained from its primary and secondary school to help Syrian communities establish their own education programs in Cairo

BUDGET (in U.S. dollars)

Serbia: $100,000
Hungary: $100,000
Egypt: $480,000 (fully funded)


Contributions to support CWS emergency response efforts may be sent to your denomination or to Church World Service, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515 (designate 76-6640, European Refugee Crisis). Donations for this appeal can also be made online.

CWS’s Immigration and Refugee Program has a network of affiliate offices that are located throughout the United States. These offices work hand-in-hand with local communities, churches, organizations and individuals to provide a welcoming and safe home for refugees. Get connected to a local office to see how you can sponsor refugees in your community and volunteer or partner with our local offices.

Sign this petition now to join more than 68,000 people in demanding that the United States increase the number of Syrian refugees that will be accepted for resettlement.

Additional resources can be found at www.cwsglobal.org/helprefugees.

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