CWS European Partner, World Council of Churches, Statement on European Responses to Refugees and Migrants

September 11, 2015

On behalf of our members, Anglican, Orthodox and Protestant Churches and Christian service, relief and development organizations, and based on our extensive experience of working with people in situations of extreme precariousness and vulnerability we callon you in your discussion at the Informal Justice and Home Affairs Council to commit to a unified, ambitious and rights based refugee and migration policy.

We,  along  with  many  people  in  Europe  and  the  rest  of  the  world  cannot  accept  the  death,  destitution and  dehumanizing  across  our  Union  that  is  a  direct  result  of  asylum  and  migration  policies  that  are unrealistic,  unfocused  on  human  beings  and  lack  solidarity.  The resulting  loss  of  life  or  social  and economic  deprivation  experienced  by  those  coming  to Europe  has  shown  the  urgent  need  for  the European  Union  and  its  Member  States  to  agree  and  act  on  a  new  approach  to  asylum  and  migration whether  it  be  towards  economic  migrants,  refugees  or  asylum  seekers.    As  Ministers  for  Justice  and Home  Affairs  you  have  the  opportunity  and  the  responsibility  to  ensure  policies  concerning  migrants, asylum  seekers  and  refugees  meet  the  needs  of  those  affected  as  well  as  the  expectations  of  people across Europe who believe that Europe should provide refuge, protection and opportunity for those who need it.

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