Cold Weather is Coming

Imagine having to choose between keeping your children warm or feeding them this winter.

When Natalia fled Ukraine, she had only 20 minutes to grab important documents, a few belongings for herself, a couple of t-shirts and toys for her son before leaving behind everything else.

What she hoped would be a few weeks away, turned into months. Like her, many others left their homes with just a few items, hoping they would soon return, but that hasn’t happened.

And as the war in Ukraine continues, they face food shortages, rising costs of goods and services and astronomical fuel prices, while preparing for a bitterly cold winter. Many don’t have enough food or money to get the winter supplies they need to survive the cold months ahead or the uncertain seasons to come.

But you can help.


$20 monthly

food and hygiene supplies now and in the year to come


$9 monthly

an electric heater to help a family stay warm


$46 monthly

solar powered water heater


$14 monthly

winter essentials like hats and gloves to a family


$12 monthly

sets of weather appropriate clothing

Ready or not, winter is coming. Donate today and you can equip our neighbors with the things they need to make it through tomorrow and prepare for the future.

Help us raise $10,000 to ensure that Ukrainian refugees and families throughout eastern Europe can be warm and fed this winter and the winters to come.