Climate Change Anthem

September 9, 2017

Children in Kenya play next to a water tank, which was delivered by CWS as part of ongoing drought response. Photo: CWS

The following prayer is an adaptation of the Kenyan National Anthem, which is in bold and italics at the beginning of each line. This prayer was written by Eunice Kamaara, a member of the CWS Board of Directors, for the Season of Change campaign.

O God of all creation if we would acknowledge that you are God of ALL creation
Bless this our land and nation would be befitting a prayer
Justice be our shield and defender if this be the case no person – in Baringo Tana, River
Mwingi, Turkana, and other places – would die of hunger year in year out
May we dwell in unity in unity with all creation for authentic living seeks for
Peace and liberty for all creation
Plenty be found within our borders, plenty for all not for some

Let one and all arise with each tiny carbon footprint, for
With hearts both strong and true we can win the fight against climate change
Service be our earnest endeavour service to all creation
And our homeland of Kenya of the Earth will be just for all creation and a
Heritage of splendour all creation would enjoy and
Firm may we stand to defend

Let all with one accord take action now to stop groaning of creation
In common bond united “For I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am”
Build this our nation together build our Earth together
And the glory of Kenya and of the Earth we shall celebrate
The fruit of our labour would see every plant every animal every human every creation
Fill every heart with thanksgiving. AMEN