Restart Bank is one of CWS’s newest corporate partners

April 25, 2022

In support of the National CROP Hunger Walk for Ukraine, CWS is pleased to announce a new partnership with Restart Bank.

Restart is a free social impact digital bank supporting the Walk for Ukraine as well as other initiatives. Restart aims to transform the future for vulnerable and underserved communities such as refugees and immigrants. Restart bank accounts are free to open, require no minimum deposit, don’t require credit history and services are available in multiple languages (including Ukrainian).

“For years, overseas, I kept saying we needed this kind of financial resource for refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants,” says Leslie Wilson, former CWS Asia Director.

Carl Thong, Restart’s co-founder, stated, “we have Ukrainian team members, including a colleague still in Kiev. I served on the board of Church World Service and know of the great humanitarian and refugee work they do so we reached out to see how we can partner. In addition to walking as a team and financially contributing to relief efforts, we also have launched our bank app in the Ukrainian language.”

While the Restart Team is raising funds for the CROP Hunger Walk for Ukraine ( the company has also taken another step in providing critical support to Ukrainian refugees. For every CWS supporter who uses the link below to open a free digital bank account, Restart will donate $10 to the CWS Ukraine Crisis Response Fund. 

“This is an easy way to release a $10 donation to provide food, shelter and supplies for refugees. I opened a secure bank account in less than a few minutes at no cost to me. It was easy and the $10 donation will support the Walk,” says Mary Catherine Hinds, Project leader for the Walk for Ukraine.

CWS has until June 30th to earn up to $10,000 from Restart Bank. Sign up today and help us reach our goal of 1000 new accounts and $10,000 for Ukraine. Scan the QR code below or click the link here: