Navigating the Complex Challenges of Permanent Housing

Golnazsadat Golriz | June 10, 2024

As a housing coordinator, I find it fulfilling to assist others in obtaining what they want and need. It’s rewarding to be part of that process; to be there for those who need help, ensuring they find a safe and suitable home. 

In May 2023, one of the CWS Jersey City case managers contacted the Housing team with a specific and unique request. As the case manager explained the situation of the client, the Housing team realized that the options for them were limited. 

The client had an accident and had knee injuries. He could not walk without crunches and could not take stairs. He also had to go to Jersey City Medical Center regularly to visit his doctors and lived with his service dog, which was a challenge as many hotels and Airbnb hosts do not accept pets. 

After a week of searching and negotiations with the Airbnb hosts, the Housing team member could find an Airbnb that fit the client’s needs. It was on the first floor, and it allowed pets to stay there. The location was great, as it was very close to Jersey City Medical Center. 

The client stayed comfortably there for more than a month and is gradually healing from injuries. 

We also had a family that arrived in the United States last December. Refugees resettling in the United States can identify friends or relatives already living in the United States with whom they wish to be reunited upon arrival, who become their U.S. Tie. When the Housing team spoke with this family’s U.S. Tie, they said they only wanted the family to stay close to them because he was the only friend that the family had in the country and would be the only person who could support them. 

Finding a house on such short notice was challenging. It was also hard because the holidays were around the corner and many landlords and management companies were closed. 

The housing team began the search and was able to secure a house that was less than 10 minutes away from the U.S. Tie. The clients moved in as soon as the house was furnished, and they are very happy living in their new home.

Golnazsadat Golriz is the Housing Coordinator with CWS Jersey City. To learn more about the work of CWS Jersey City, click here.