In School: A new beginning for an Afghan girl.

Abdi Iftin | November 9, 2022

Church World Service is proud to share the story of one of our clients, Mr. Peer Mohammad Karwan and his daughter, Nasima Karwan. Since the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan the United States has received over 75,000 Afghan refugees including adults, families, unaccompanied teenagers, and the elderly. Church World Service was one of nine wonderful resettlement agencies that stepped up to help. That help has allowed an extraordinary young girl to attend school in Jersey City. Nasima Karwan was not able to attend school in Afghanistan. Many young Afghan girls are denied school and instead are told to stay home and help their families with chores. 

 Nasima begun school for the first time at age 14, when she arrived in New Jersey. One of our very own Refugee School Impact Case Workers, Raham Zeb, said, “I’m glad all the girls who did not attend school in Afghanistan are now successfully enrolled in school here in the United States and are thoroughly enjoying every moment.”

 Nasima’s father, Peer Karwan, is grateful for the help of CWS Jersey City and is very proud of Nasima. He understands that his daughter, unlike her classmates, isn’t starting school from kindergarten but was placed in a grade according to her age despite having never been in a classroom. He knows that this makes for a tough study schedule, having to play catch-up, but with the help of CWS, who has arranged a special tutor for Nasima, both father and daughter are confident and look forward to a bright future.

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