Don’t Miss Out on the Benefit for Change Tomorrow in NYC

November 6, 2019

Purchase your tickets for this Thursday’s Benefit for Change! You can take a stand against the administration’s cut of refugee admissions for 2020 by 80%, and the snuffing out of our nation’s compassionate legacy of welcoming the stranger. 

The tragically and historically low refugee cap of 18,000 is a violation of our humanitarian obligations and will cause irreparable damage to refugee families and American communities. With the U.S. asylum system effectively shut down, the message is clear: no one is welcome and no one belongs, no matter how they seek safety, no matter what danger they face.

Worse yet, the president signed an executive order giving state and local leaders the power to prevent resettlement in their communities. This policy is illegal and will separate families and divide communities. .

CWS and our partners are not discouraged by the administration. The last month demonstrates how drastically everything can change in a short amount of time, and we will continue to adapt in order to serve and advocate for vulnerable communities. Our nation’s legacy as the protector of the vulnerable is on the line. We urge you to come to the Benefit for Change this Thursday at the Museum of Chinese in America, New York. Join us as we continue our fight for an America that protects the vulnerable. 

Read more about the impact of the presidential determination signed on November 1st: