Situation Report: Flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 19, 2023


In several towns within Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Una-Sana canton, a state of natural disaster has been declared as a consequence of the recent floods caused by prolonged rainfall. Among the significantly affected areas is Bihac, where the CWS team is located. The floods have been triggered by the overflowing of the Una and Krusnica rivers, leading to consequential landslides and the temporary closure of roads. At present, it is estimated that approximately 200 buildings and houses have been impacted by the floods, including a significant area of agricultural land. Additionally, water contamination and shortages have been reported, along with the closure of three border crossings between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Thankfully, no casualties or injuries have been reported thus far in relation to the floods.

CWS Response:

The CWS team stationed in Bihac is actively collaborating with the Red Cross, the city government, and civil protection authorities to identify the pressing needs and formulate an effective response plan. Leveraging our pre-existing programs and partnerships within the Una-Sana canton, CWS is able and ready to respond to current needs. Our initial response prioritizes the distribution of essential supplies such as water, rubber boots, and water pumps, focusing particularly on the areas that have been most profoundly impacted by the flooding. 

How to Help

To support CWS emergency response efforts, donations can be made online or sent to Church World Service (P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515).